Mission & Vision

Akkayalar Textile Weaving Each weight and weight
100% Cotton,
100% Flax,
Cotton / Lycra,
Cotton / Linen,
Cotton / Polyester and
Cotton / Nylon, Varieties
We produce yarn dyed, plain dye and printed fabric in cloth leg, dimi, panama, satin and all kinds of weave knitting.

Akkayalar Textile Weaving is creating its own fabric collection without compromising its quality understanding by evaluating customer comments and combining them with the market indicators. The aim of our company is to reach the right customers with the right products and to expand the market share in local and international markets with the right working conditions.

In a working system based on flexible, clear and fast information flow which is a requirement for taking place in the international textile market, taking into consideration the customer demands, it is necessary to integrate all the necessary features in its products and to ensure customer satisfaction by keeping the quality as short as possible.